City Views.47

A month ago two best friends from the US spent a weekend with me, and among many wonderful cultural and other sight-seeing experiences, we explored the Glow light festival in Eindhoven, about two hours’ train ride south of Amsterdam. If you want more info about the festival, or more professional photos, tap or click Glow. Yesterday’s solo was a preview, as you can guess. Firefly field and this installation called “Footprint” were my two personal favorites – very experiential, as this one came with some recorded birdsong, and other was just a lot of fun as the lights bounced and danced in their field, with kids and adults marveling in the cold autumn night.

City Views.46

For now, treat it as art – or check out the photo’s name and do a search. More explanation, and photos, and a video, coming soon :-). Like I said yesterday – all about light and its presence or absence, here in the north in December :-).