Signs of the City.9 » Math Tutor by Banani Lake

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  1. Mary Louise Jaffray

    Reminds me of being in school in England for a year some 58 years ago. The kids going on to college had to pass a certain number of O level (ordinary) subject exams and a certain number of A level (Advanced) level exams as part of their admission requirements. These exams were not from the school but a standardized program (I guess you could equate with SAT or Advanced placement tests). Can’t remember if all schools required the same exams for if one got to choose which ones. Perhaps it related to subject you were going to major in as to which exams you had to pass. I was only there one year and left and completed my last year in high school in the US so didn’t get involved in that testing program but surprised to see it here. Had lots of friend that were sweating these exams. BTW, they were studied for and taken in the year after completing 12 grade. A special 13th year for those moving onto University.

    February 2, 2020 at 20:38

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