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This was once Maastricht’s Kruisherenkloster (Crtuched Friar Monastery), first built around 1400, renovated about 20 years ago into a lovely and very stylish boutique hotel.

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This is Fort Sint Pieter, on a hill west of the Maas (or Meuse) river in the city of Maastricht, in the very southernmost part of the Netherlands where a small sliver squeezes in between Germany and Belgium. The prior two entries were also from Maastricht, which I visited briefly earlier this week with a friend.

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Herewith all the remaining photos from my visit early last month to Shwedagon Pagoda, in Yangon. There are fountains for each day of the week and many visitors use the basins to wash the statues and flowers at the fountain for the day of their birth. I’m a Thursday-born guy. One day (Wednesday, I think) has two fountains, one for morning and one for afternoon. I don’t begin to understand the complexities of this cosmology, but did find this place remarkable.



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I thought I’d popped all the remaining “entrance” photos from my visit to Shwedagon up in a previous Urban Entrances post, but turns out I was wrong. I’m working on a massive post with the remaining interesting or unique photos from that visit, and I found this one. Enjoy, while awaiting that big-splash final post of this remarkable pagoda.