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Earring on BeachI believe that this is actually an earring. When I first saw it in the water, I wondered if those were eggs and if it was some kind of seed pod or something. Now I’m fairly confident it’s an earring, another sign of human impact on the local beach. Look closely and you’ll notice this is also a bit of a reflection-selfie :-). And below, our little lost earring in context:

Beach Earring in Context


Longest Beach.13

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Walking on the Beach.JPG


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Cox's Beach Watery Whelk.JPG


Longest Beach.10

cox's beach nubby shell

Longest Beach.9

beach cleanupI began my regular beach walks during the end-of-year lull, when many domestic tourists (Cox’s is a major national tourist destination) chose to stay home before the elections. I’ve realized in the past week how many more people are back on the beach: not only do I see more people, I also see more signs of people and their stuff: cigarette packs, shopping bags, discarded clothing. Yesterday was the second monthly beach cleanup, an initiative from the UN & NGO community here to help clean up the longest sandy beach and show support for the local community. It’s also a fun way to meet new people and still get in a nice beach walk! 🙂

Longest Beach.8

purple 3Yesterday I saw a few purple shells for the first time. I’d never seen them on my walks here before!


Longest Beach.7

moon boat


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Longest Beach.5

cox's beach sandy shell