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Having established that I’m now in Amsterdam, I’m going to bounce back and forth for the coming period between photos taken during all those great trips between May and early July, and new stuff taken here. If you view these on a phone, and if it matters for you to know what you’re seeing, you will want to select the option to “view the full site.” If you do this, then you will see the previously-mentioned tags and labels, which will tell you what they are. Writing to me to ask is not necessary – because the info is available to you right here on the site, and takes less time than waiting for me to wade through my various inboxes and figure out which post we’re talking about. Please? Thanks so much. 🙂



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We’ll bounce around in locations the next couple weeks: I’m clearing a backlog of photos from trips on the west coast, east coast and midwest of the US … then at some point you’ll start seeing posts from Amsterdam again. Bear with me, and if you’re curious what you’re looking at, load the full version of the site and check the “categories” and “tags” notes at the bottom of each entry. This one, for example, should tell you it’s California category, with Tags that say Humboldt County and Trinidad. Hovering over each photo will also usually tell you the name I’ve given the photo, which tries to be informative :-). Enjoy!


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As noted, the “coasting” series isn’t going chronologically! Herewith the entry from the southernmost point of my current Pacific-coast explorations: Oceanside. This town is known for a few things: its pier, above; and its proximity to large marine base, which means a large population of young and hungry individuals, hence a very high prevalence of pizza joints in town … see just a few random examples encountered on my walks, below 🙂

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