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County Views.103 – Wet & Dry #1

For a while, I’ve wanted to show some side-by-side photos of the wet and dry seasons here in Sonoma County. Folks who haven’t been to California, or who grew up in temperate zones where rain can fall any month in the year find it hard to imagine how huge is the difference between our usual April, and our usual October. This year, it’s unusually start because we had frighteningly little rain this past rainy season. So little rain that our hills are already going brown, weeks or months before they would in a usual year. The image just above was taken less than six weeks after the top left shot – and in case you can’t tell, this is the same hill from pretty much the same angle. The other two photos above are also from roughly the same place, taken less than six weeks apart. The dry ones were shot on May 14; the wetter ones the first weekend in April. And it’s in an area that’s burned twice since 2017. And, um, rain is extremely unlikely between now and at least October. Draw your own conclusions, and wish us luck getting through to the next rainy season without too much new fire stress…. :-/


County Views.102


Small Wonders.28


Small Wonders.27

City Views.11


County Views.101

Errant Masks.24


Small Wonders.26

City Views.10

Beauty & The Burn.24

If you’re curious, scan some past entries from last autumn (October-December or so) to see photos I took looking up at the Maycamas Ridge, when it had been freshly burned (again) by the Glass Fire last year. This fresh spring layer of grass is the seasonal green of late wet season. Most of what you see here was charred by the Glass Fire last year.

City Views.9

Small Wonders.25

City Views.8

Found a few more lovely photos from my visit down to city in January, so you’ll see those in the mix these next few weeks – no, the trees are not currently quite this bare in SF. When I’m down there later in May, maybe I’ll remember to try the same angle and tree, to see where the sun rises near mid-year, and how much the leaves block the view to the east bay :-).

County Views.100

Errant Masks.23

Yep, they’re still out there. I’m just not quite so interested in photographing them, but every now and then one just feels the urge…


County Views.99

Small Wonders.24


Beauty & The Burn.23


County Views.98

Small Wonders.23

Beauty & The Burn.22

Pardon the clunkiness of this gallery. This site’s host has forced a new editor on me, and I really don’t much like it. If anyone has recommendations of other, very simple and non-flashy basic blog-site hosts, I’d welcome suggestions.


Small Wonders.22

Camellia Fallen

Beauty & The Burn.21

Small Wonders.20

I am blessed with wonderful and very talented friends. Gratitude 🙂

This post marks 185 days in a row on which I’ve posted at least one new post. That’s more than half a year of steady posts, even if this were a leap year…which it’s not :-).

My heart is full of gratitude for all of you wonderful readers: you who get alerts and read every post, like most, comment on many; you who have landed here today for the very first time; you who know the three-dimensional me; you who don’t. Deep gratitude, in as many colors and and styles as my friend Bev’s magnificent cookies. (Not to rub it in, but…they actually taste as least as good as they look. Just sayin’.)

so much world, so little time will be taking a break after this. Be healthy, be hopeful, be kind.