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This atmospheric and lovely sculpture, composed of blue glass beads from the Caribbean-Island Dutch territory of St Eustatius, is part of an exhibit entitled Sklavernij (in English, Slavery) at the Rijksmuseum. Many layers to such a lovely museum, initially constructed I would assume with a good contribution of the wealth that came from the trade in sugar, spices … and humans. About the blue glass beads, two different stories about them can be found here and here; the latter burying past pain, current racism and discrimination, and their meaning for all of us now; the former exploring the them more. The museum tells a story similar to the first link, fyi.

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Remarkably, yes, this is well within the city limits of Amsterdam, just off the western edge of Westerpark, north and east of Sloterdijk Station.

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At last I made it back to a concert hall: the first time since 29 February 2020 :-). Sitting in that hall I actually cried a bit to realize how much I’d missed this, then spent a good part of the concert thinking how much Covid has taken from us all.

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