Noord Brabant

Country Canals.27

Still working through photos of the flat and canal-rich countryside of Noord-Holland, Gelderland and Noord-Brabant in NL, even as I enjoy the steep hills and Atlantic views in Madeira. So much world, indeed…

Country Canals.13

OK, ok, so it’s really the Maas or Meuse river, not a canal, but it’s sure the countryside. Note the guys in lawn chairs enjoying afternoon beers :-).


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Village Views.11

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I’ve decided I’ll try to fit any remaining obviously-christmasy photos in during January. We’ll get back to winter lights soon :-).

Country Canals.3

Agreed, it’s a bit late to be posting photos of Christmas trees…but at least I managed to fit it into January, right? And I bet you’ll agree: after these days of lovely night-time light photos, it’s rather nice to know that a few times in the past month, the sun’s agreed to break through the cloud cover, eh? Thanks to my friend Kiki for making this lovely escape to for a sunny xmas day in the country possible.