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Urban Canals.91

Arnhem again, as evidenced by the tower of Eusebiuskerk 🙂

City Views.131

This is Eusebiuskerk (St Eusebius Church) in Arnhem, capital of Gelderland. I’ve just returned from spending five nights in Arnhem, while playing in the tennis competition portion of the EuroGames in nearby Nijmegen. Had a lot of fun exploring both cities and am trying to get some photos ready for posting while I’m on planned travels to a quite different location for most of the month ahead. Nijmegen is rich in Roman history, while Arnhem has a quite sad WWII history, for which many visit it. This church had to be rebuilt after the war, along with much of the rest of the city. Well worth a read, and friends who love classical history might add Nijmegen to the visit list; a day trip is perfectly feasible, though it might be a long day.


Urban Canals.90

City Views.130

Downtown Arnhem at sunset.

Country Canals.13

OK, ok, so it’s really the Maas or Meuse river, not a canal, but it’s sure the countryside. Note the guys in lawn chairs enjoying afternoon beers :-).

Village Views.5

Last of the photos I took on December 25th when my friend Kiki invited me to spend the day with her in Heusden (south of the Meuse / Maas in Nord Brabant) — last few Village Views were from that side of the Maas / Meuse; today we’re featuring photos from a walk around Nederhemert village in Gelderland, north of the Meuse / Maas. The mailbox photo, Kiki tells me, has three key symbols of the Netherlands: orange mailbox, stork mating platform in the middle, and windmill in the top left. Aside from the creepy graveyard at the village church (seriously Voldemort look, there…), it was a lovely and cool exploration :-).


Country Canals.5


Village Views.2