North Holland – Amsterdam


Urban Garden.155


Small Wonders.185

City Views.185

Two cities in two different months: Amsterdam in April above & February below right. Leiden’s old university observatory below left, also in February.


Small Wonders.184

Urban Garden.154

Last use of the photos from this year’s lovely display of bluebells at my lovely local canal-side park. ‘Til next season, dear flowers.

Urban Canals.134



City Lights.24


City Lights.23


City Lights.22

City Lights.21

Though the long days do limit my exposure to city lights, they also give me more enerty to notice things like the glorious lingering light in a 10pm / 22:00 sky, and the city clock on Valeriusplein, as I walk home from another lovely concert at Concertgebouw :-).


This one is a bit more obviously a little island; I’d just never noticed it before. These must be heaven for the birds and small mammals of our urban park, since no one boats and I’ve never seen people swim in these canals, and dogs only going in to retrieve sticks…


Urban Entrances.73


Urban Garden.153

City Views.183

Having shown you some graffiti art of more or less this very thing in a recent post, imagine my delight when, on Sunday, for the very first time I saw vintage trains (related to the tram museum which is also somehow affiliated with this whole affair) rolling down these very tracks and right past that very mural, clanging their bells loudly since most pedestrians walk along the tracks these days. 🙂