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Apple blossoms, I believe, along the Kromme Rijn, which I think carries some (small portion) of the water that’s in the Rhine when it enters the Netherlands. Lovely day walk last weekend along this path into Utrecht, with many photos yet to be posted of both that city and its rural agricultural riverside neighboring areas.

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Same camellia bush, a few weeks later than what I showed you in Small Wonders.78. (I think these are camellias, but botanists among you, please feel free to correct if I’m wrong!)

Urban Garden.82

Municipal elections for all municipalities in the Netherlands this week. While biking around The Hague & Scheveningen (you’ll see those photos some time soon-ish), we saw not only many an election poster, but also a march for one of the parties’ candidates.

Urban Garden.81

One of the Netherlands’ most famous museums is celebrating its 200th birthday this year, and it’s celebrating with flowers. Enjoy!

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OK, so yes, these little guys sit in a very protected, sunny part of one of the warmest parts of the north bay…but still, even for us, this is unseasonal. Since I can’t much control climate change, though, might as well enjoy these beauties before the next wave of wildfires rolls around, eh?

Springtime in the Park with Mom


When I returned from the two year assignment in Haiti, I landed first in a late Canadian winter/early Canadian spring, then came south to spend a week with my mother in New Jersey. A thing that’s changed since I was a youth here is more wildlife — time was when it was rare to see deer even in larger state parks; now they roam our little local streamside parks, where some of these photos were taken. So, as autumn advances in the northern hemisphere, a reminder of this spring and springs to come :-). Enjoy.