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So yes, we landed early Tuesday in Amsterdam. While I was away, the crocuses faded, the leaves remained absent from the trees (though many are strongly in bud by now), and as you see in these photos taken while walking to stay awake, the tulips are coming into their season.

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This was my parting view of my lovely neighborhood and home in spring, before boarding the bus for Schphol that I’m on as I type this. Yes, friends, I’m about to start a complicated and long trip that’ll involve a week of work in Bangkok and Hong Kong, followed by some family and home time in CA and TX, before returning to this lovely circle after the crocuses and daffodils which grace it each spring have faded.

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Apple blossoms, I believe, along the Kromme Rijn, which I think carries some (small portion) of the water that’s in the Rhine when it enters the Netherlands. Lovely day walk last weekend along this path into Utrecht, with many photos yet to be posted of both that city and its rural agricultural riverside neighboring areas.

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Same camellia bush, a few weeks later than what I showed you in Small Wonders.78. (I think these are camellias, but botanists among you, please feel free to correct if I’m wrong!)

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Municipal elections for all municipalities in the Netherlands this week. While biking around The Hague & Scheveningen (you’ll see those photos some time soon-ish), we saw not only many an election poster, but also a march for one of the parties’ candidates.