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City Views.185

Two cities in two different months: Amsterdam in April above & February below right. Leiden’s old university observatory below left, also in February.

Urban Garden.154

Last use of the photos from this year’s lovely display of bluebells at my lovely local canal-side park. ‘Til next season, dear flowers.

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Urban Canals.132



Urban Canals.130

Urban Canals.128

You’ve seen this church a few times before, usually as seen from the bridge which you now also see here. 🙂


The foreground is an island, from which I took this canal view, so I get to categorize it in this series if I want to. Plus, it’s my blog anyway so I can categorize how I like :-). But I do need to get out and explore some bigger islands again soon, or this series will have to go into hibernation… 😦

City Views.169

With this winter-sunset view of the Amstel in the heart of my adopted home city of Amsterdam, I leave all you dear readers for some undetermined period of time and complete my 365 days of at-least-one-post-per-day. I expect to be back in a few months — and any comments, post-views, or requests for less or more of this or that type of post in the interim may help guide me when I start the next chapter.

Urban Canals.127

Taken at the same time and same place as our last post, this time looking south along the Amstel with the sky lightening to the east.

Urban Canals.126

A brief stop on the magere brug (thin bridge) over the Amstel, on an extremely rare clear morning bike ride to work last week. We’re looking north along the Amstel towards the building which houses the National Ballet & Opera, plus city hall for A’dam, with the moon setting off the the west.

City Lights.15

More from this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival; a thing I learned about doing it by boat is that you have to hurry to take the photos you want! 🙂

Urban Canals.125

All from a delightful long walk over to and around Amstelpark, at a bend in the river where apparently Rembrandt liked to come for plein air painting, near this windmill in fact, according to the signs. 🙂

City Lights.14

One of my favorite light sculptures from this year’s edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which this year I did by boat. Last year we were in lockdown, so no boat tours were possible, now that I know where to find them all, I can go back see some of my favorites again from the banks of the canals instead of from a moving boat :-). The building behind it is the Amstel Hotel, apparently the first hotel in Europe to be electrified, if I understood what the boat tour guide told us.