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You might not recognize it with this very different lighting and format, but you’ve seen this church & canal view before :-). It’s close to work, so I pass it often but only photograph it every now and then…

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Some explanations may be in order for beloved members of my viewing community who see these posts only as email alerts or on your phones, where the categories & tags I always apply to posts are less visible to you: I was traveling around the US a bit, from the 23rd of March until last Sunday, the 3rd of April. I spent some time with family in Pittsburgh & Oberlin (apologies to Oberlin friends whom I didn’t connect with during my 24 hours in town), then out to California to touch base. If your viewing style for the blog doesn’t show you the categories & tags, then for example you’d think yesterday’s beautiful tulip photo was taken here in Amsterdam – logical, for many reasons – but in fact both that and the earlier orchid photos were taken at Pittsburgh’s lovely Phipps Conservatory, whose spring flower show is a lovely taste of spring in a place where spring does in fact arrive later than it seems to here in A’dam. It’ll get even more confusing the next week or two for anyone who doesn’t select the option to see the full blog view, because I still have lovely flower photos from the Phipps trip, maybe still one or two from California, and tomorrow I’m going on a walk through the blooming tulip fields you’ve seen on postcards and tourist sites from the Netherlands. It’s a safe bet I’ll take even more tulip photos then, so you might consider checking the full site for the category and tag, if you’re curious what you’re seeing. That said: this photo is clearly and undisputedly Amsterdam, on a rainy morning as I headed to work. I will be showing you both NL and US photos in the weeks ahead :-).

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