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From my office rooftop during a break from a meeting recently.

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I actually live down on the corner at the end of this block, and have confirmed my suspicion that at least one tour guide book to Amsterdam lists this street as a lovely little “hidden corner” because of the tunnel effect created by the trees and how the sunlight filters through the leaves, and sometimes – depending on weather and time of year – shines directly along the street. It’s really quite remarkably lovely at the right moment, though no photo can do justice to those moments. Took the photo on my way back from one of those pop-to-the-supermarket moments since the light was shining nicely and decided have to post it now, before the very last of those leaves you see has fallen…


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From roughly the same spot along the Amstel, while exploring the city with different friends on different days in late September. A thing I keep meaning to do is sign up for rowing lessons, which I think are offered from this pier; though, if I do it, I’ll likely end up doing it on the Nieuwe Meer a bit closer to where I’m living.

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Amstelstation in A’dam. Point of departure for the ride to my 24 hours in Maastricht. I’ve not yet done research on this mural, but I hope to at some point.

Urban Canals.107

So this was obviously some kind of competition, festival or both which I biked past on my way home from a glorious team-tennis Saturday recently. Tap or click on the image below & then enlarge it, and you’ll see a boat being lifted out of the water by a crane. I guess many of these boats were carried in by road rather than coming under their own power along canals from farther away 🙂


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Small Wonders.146

A few busy bees are still pursuing all the pollen they can while there are still flowers to pollinate :-).

Urban Garden.115

Back to the Bosbaan in Amsterdamse Bos on a lovely early-autumn evening. Note the moon just below the airplanes’ approach path to Schiphol, in the photos below. A well-placed bench allows one not only to contemplate the moon, the sky, the trees, the planes and the Bosbaan (the forest water track or water course, I guess) itself, but also to rest the weary legs.

Urban Garden.114

We’ve shown you this bridge in at least one earlier post, though under quite different light conditions :-).


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Urban Garden.110

Last Monday evening after I biked home from work was one of those glorious “last day of summer” type evenings where the sunlight angled in and lit up everything beautifully, so that I simply had to get out for a walk. These are canals & gardens in one :-). Happy almost-equinox, all.