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City Views.181

I’ve biked and even walked past this building literally hundreds of times, but had never noticed this lovely mural which in my view fits well into my “graffiti art” tag, though the other graffito of which I’ve left a small portion to the bottom right is more in the “teenage annoyance” category than the “art” one. Either it’s new, or the door was always up, or I was just focused on other things. This mural depicts what you’d have seen in the old days, when trams ran regularly down this line, with the “Haarlemmermeerstation” right behind it.

This is the view a person would have had, in those days, if they’d swiveled 90 degrees to the left, from the perspective in which I took this photo. That’s more info that you need, but perhaps useful for any who’ve visited me, in situating yourself. I’ve shown blog viewers the brick building in one or two posts taken from its far side, and this alleyway (which is now mostly used for bikes, parking, gyms and flea-market stores) only once thus far…but I’ve passed along it just about any time I took photos that are tagged “Park Schinkeleilanden,” for anyone curious enough to try to fit it all together :-).


Urban Garden.149

Urban Garden.139

No, I’m not yet back in Amsterdam, but I did collect some lovely photos of the spring bloom before I left. Thanks to everyone who’s been happy to see regular posts resume, I’ve decided I’ll try to go daily again, so this is being posted as I wait to board a flight from Austin back to SFO. Next up, more of Northern California, no doubt mixed with more from this weekend’s family Texas swing along with more from A’dam, and possibly even Bangkok or Hong Kong where I stopped for work on my way over…

City Views.171

This was my parting view of my lovely neighborhood and home in spring, before boarding the bus for Schphol that I’m on as I type this. Yes, friends, I’m about to start a complicated and long trip that’ll involve a week of work in Bangkok and Hong Kong, followed by some family and home time in CA and TX, before returning to this lovely circle after the crocuses and daffodils which grace it each spring have faded.


City Views.170

City Views.169

With this winter-sunset view of the Amstel in the heart of my adopted home city of Amsterdam, I leave all you dear readers for some undetermined period of time and complete my 365 days of at-least-one-post-per-day. I expect to be back in a few months — and any comments, post-views, or requests for less or more of this or that type of post in the interim may help guide me when I start the next chapter.


Urban Entrances.67


City Lights.17

Urban Canals.127

Taken at the same time and same place as our last post, this time looking south along the Amstel with the sky lightening to the east.

Urban Garden.136

While our Amsterdam weather since December hasn’t been nearly as dramatic & dangerous as California’s, it’s still featured more rainy days than one really needs. So far as I can recall, the sun has managed to peek through the clouds on four days or so since about the week before Christmas, and on only one of those did it stick around very long.

This means getting out to parks is quite simply hard and minimally appealing. Seeing anything visually appealing once there, let alone bothering to take the phone out and photograph it? Even harder. Nonetheless, there was sufficient break in the rain — even a fleeting moment of sun — to lure me into the park on my way home from the gym this morning. By the time my camera was out, the sun had vanished. In the seconds between when I took the photo above and the photo below, the sleet had begun. Ah, well, gardens are still gardens, even in the sleet and wind. 🙂

City Lights.16

Conditions haven’t been conducive to after-dark walks for more Light Festival or other season evening lights. But I still had this lovely autumn shot of an illuminated clock tower nearby — the time was correct, and no the sky isn’t light at 7:15 these days, neither morning nor evening.


Urban Garden.135

Urban Canals.123

Urban Canals.122

Urban Canals.121

If you’re wondering, yes I’ve shown you this canal several times before, but never when it was frozen so birds can walk on it. 🙂 This was the day returned from my vacation trip in Madeira & Porto. Eek! As upcoming posts will show, it’s since gone gray, rainy, and well above freezing but still fairly cold.