Over the River & Through The Fields

When I first told friends that I’d be working for some months in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh, one of my most world-knowledgeable friends came back with two quick fun facts: a) that Cox’s Bazar has the world’s longest stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach, and b) something more complicated about Portuguese trading from Chittagong port, the word farang, and where Star Trek’s creators got the name for their fictional inter-stellar traders the ferengi. (Clearly, I’ll have to find time to follow up on that particular point since I would not pass the pop-quiz right now…)

Having flown down from Dhaka now more than five weeks ago, and been now numerous times along the road south from the town of Cox’s en route to the southern Upazila (and town) of Ukhiya, I have greatly enjoyed the lovely northern part of this long beach – staring out the window at waves lapping on the shore while listening to my i-pad so as to block out the endless honks of tom-toms, trucks and other cars. I hope at some point to dip further down into Teknaf Upazila and see the full extent of this lovely and extensive beach.

Up here in Cox’s, where I’m spending most of my nights and days just now, I see the beach behind tall hotels of the tourist trade – this being one of the main tourist attractions in BG: see for example the photo of our local river (chock full of moon boats), as seen from the eighth storey of the building which houses our office. Driving south, one passes many moon boats (seen in close-up courtesy of my colleague Hope, and from a moving vehicle while crossing the bridge of this post’s title, in two photos side-by-side just below), then more beach, crosses the bridge, sees more lovely beach, then turns inland past the lovely paddy fields noted in the title and seen both above and below. So…for my friends and family who wonder what I’m seeing day to day – a few shots from recent weeks of the lovelier side of this part of the world. (Plus my favorite street food while shopping, and me at dawn by the paddy fields of Ukhiya town.) Enjoy – and happy December, one and all!

5 responses

  1. diane rachiele

    Gorgeous photos – you sound better than many times in the past!

    Hugs from Montreal, off to the UK for a week tomorrow – wish it were as warm as there …




    November 30, 2018 at 19:14

  2. The landscape looks rather nice and pleasant, but I imagine it can get difficult during monsoon season. Do those moon boats really float? What a strange shape they have!

    December 1, 2018 at 04:16

  3. Mary Louise Jaffray

    Oh, I especially love the first banner picture with the title. The river looks so calm, but part of me is wondering are there nasty critters that one has to look out for in that water? It would be tempting to go for a swim in that wonderful light.

    December 4, 2018 at 01:42

  4. Vivian Ling

    I just discovered that I can leave a comment, what took me so long?! Your photos of everyday life turn the mundane into the beautiful, and allows us to appreciate our shared human experience. Thanks for bringing your faraway experiences to within our reach!

    January 5, 2019 at 19:44

    • Lao shi, this means a lot to me :-). (You can see I haven’t imported the character set here – embarrassing but true. Heck, as I type that I recall you showing me how macintosh had started a program to type characters, when you visited Middlebury the summer of 1985: the world does spin on, doesn’t it…) I do try to find beauty where I can, and it means a great deal to me that you enjoy it. Be well.

      January 5, 2019 at 19:53

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