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The first time, I believe, that I’ve devoted an entry in the Small Wonders series to a human creation. But this 2000-year-old Roman wonder from the superb museum in Nijmegen captivated my spirit with its luminous beauty, to be quite honest. Roman – and other ancient or modern – glassware will sometimes have that effect on me 🙂

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I’ve decided a lighthouse with attendant outbuildings meets this blog’s criteria for “village.” 🙂 Texel again, in case you wondered.

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Last of my Prague doors & gateways. The larger image below doesn’t really fit the terms I’ve been using for the “entrances” posts (really just a door or a gate), but I need to wrap up the Prague photos, so you’re getting a gallery including a rogue element. In fact you’ve seen the actual door (cut off, to the right) in an earlier “entrances” post, but I loved the arches over the street as well. More entrances to come from other locations, I assure you.


City Views.132

Two final views of Prague, seen from the river which so defines the city.

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Urban Canals.91

Arnhem again, as evidenced by the tower of Eusebiuskerk 🙂

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This is De Cocksdorp village as seen from the dike featured in the last post (below).

Country Canals.21

This is the dike about which my brother Steve asked me in a recent post. To the right is an inland (country) canal, to the left what I believe can already be called the Wattenmeer or Wadden Sea here, although most folks think of it as being much further east. Texel is the westernmost of the many Frisian islands which collectively – I believe? – form the outer boundary of the Wattenmeer. Correct me in a comment if I’m wrong, someone, please. This dike runs most of the length of the eastern edge of Texel, where natural dunes aren’t as prevalent as they are on the western (much windier!) side. The road – also named Lancasterdijk – runs up nearly to de Cocksdorp, which you’ll see again from this vantage point in our next post :-).

Small Wonders.131

Lobelia in De Koog 🙂

City Views.131

This is Eusebiuskerk (St Eusebius Church) in Arnhem, capital of Gelderland. I’ve just returned from spending five nights in Arnhem, while playing in the tennis competition portion of the EuroGames in nearby Nijmegen. Had a lot of fun exploring both cities and am trying to get some photos ready for posting while I’m on planned travels to a quite different location for most of the month ahead. Nijmegen is rich in Roman history, while Arnhem has a quite sad WWII history, for which many visit it. This church had to be rebuilt after the war, along with much of the rest of the city. Well worth a read, and friends who love classical history might add Nijmegen to the visit list; a day trip is perfectly feasible, though it might be a long day.


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Despite my brother’s distaste at the muddy hillside steps, there was much beauty to behold during that Penang Hill climb recently. This morning’s post signaled I’m now in Arnhem, a part of the Netherlands where there are … hills! Soon you’ll see more photos from here, as well :-).