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Amsterdam LGBTQI+ pride is the first week of August, which I’ll honor from here in A’dam by posting photos taken at the start of San Francisco’s annual LGBQI+ celebrations – a street fair on 18th Street and a sunny evening in Dolores Park, aka Dolores Beach on sunny days.


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Yes, a new series to illustrate a new home. Apparently about 15% of the area of the Netherlands is water (e.g., the above), and currently more than 25% of that is below sea level. More than 50% of it is less than 1 meter above sea level, according to our friend Wikipedia. What do the Dutch do with all this water? This series will show you, rather than telling you! Enjoy…and it’ll have a partner series at some point, Country Canals, once my bike rides start ranging further afield… 🙂 As usual, these photos will have names that tell you in direct words what it is, so you can look it up on a map finder if you wish. Amazing, that. They’ll also have tags and categories so you get a sense of the city or region, etc.

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Having established that I’m now in Amsterdam, I’m going to bounce back and forth for the coming period between photos taken during all those great trips between May and early July, and new stuff taken here. If you view these on a phone, and if it matters for you to know what you’re seeing, you will want to select the option to “view the full site.” If you do this, then you will see the previously-mentioned tags and labels, which will tell you what they are. Writing to me to ask is not necessary – because the info is available to you right here on the site, and takes less time than waiting for me to wade through my various inboxes and figure out which post we’re talking about. Please? Thanks so much. 🙂

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