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Of course no photo can ever do justice to the full moon setting as the sun rises on the other side of the horizon, but perhaps this gives you just a sense?


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A new series for a new year: little things that bring to mind how beautiful and remarkable is this interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. To start, a few close-up views of succulents and moss that are hanging out on the sedimentary hillside whose large-scale photo I put in yesterday’s “Golden Gate Vistas” post. In case you’re curious, their home is on this hillside: 🙂

The View from Hill 88

In the midst of those beautiful hills & vistas I showcased to start our year yesterday sits Hill 88. On which sit these abandoned buildings from some past military radar or other installation about whose purpose I know nothing more. These buildings, while being slowly eaten by natural processes, for now provide ample canvases for graffiti artists. The first photo above, I must say, makes me think of Keith Haring and what things were like in NYC in the 1980s… (If his name is new to you, look him up.) To orient you, in the panorama just above you see – from left to right – the east bay with Mt Diablo (two bumps just to the right of the graffitied building), running to the SF skyline (including tops of the towers of the GGB, if you look closely enough) then the hills and Pacific Coastline along the peninsula.

Errant Masks.11

Yes, today’s errant mask was also photographed during the same hike from which came the photos for this morning’s post. And yes, we all know we’ll clearly still be dealing with covid, masks and all that they imply for quite some time to come. Ugh. Welcome again to 2021 :-).

Golden Gate Vistas

What to post at the start of a new year in which so many of us place such hopes for health and happiness? Down my street there was a lit-up holiday display that spelled out “Peace on Earth,” which was my initial plan: just that photo. But the photo I took initially was too blurry. When I went back yesterday, it had already been taken down. So we’ll have to envision and create Peace on Earth in our hearts, without the visual aid. Herewith, instead, the first of several posts displaying photos from my most recent hike in the the portion of Golden Gate National Recreation Area that occupies most of the Marin Headlands at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge – the very tops of whose two support beams you can just see poking above the mountain in two of the photos above, if you know where to look. Hikes in nature with such vistas help me put my own worries in perspective. Finding perspective feels like a good goal as we enter 2021. Health – hope – happiness for us all in the year ahead.

County Views – Into the Sunset Edition



County Views – Rainbow Edition


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Santa Rosa Parks & Rec website tells us that the “stunning DeTurk Round Barn is among California’s oldest truly round buildings. Isaac DeTurk, one of the county’s first winery owners, built the barn in 1891 as a horse stable for his prize-winning stallion. A renovation in 2011 has brought this historic building into the current century.”


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Festival of Lights Part 6

And to wrap up my presentation of this seasonal extravaganza, a video to show how the lights and trains in the photo at top left, and the tongue-and-lamppost installation, all work when in motion. Hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of seasonal cheer / late-consumer-capitalist displays :-).

Holiday Cheer.14

To close out this series, I’m highlighting a lovely neighborhood whose residents have chosen the low-tech, hand-painted approach on their lawns. And they certainly show a wide range of personal styles, eh? 🙂

Festival of Lights Part 5