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These are from last month in Amsterdam…still alternating pics from the US visit with pics I took mostly before I returned. If you’re curious about the seasons in various places, try to open a photo and look at the title (if you’re on a phone, you can probably do that by tapping the image but it depends what version of the blog you’re looking at – full or “lite”), because I’m mostly leaving the dates in for now 🙂


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City Views.32


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City Canals.1

Yes, a new series to illustrate a new home. Apparently about 15% of the area of the Netherlands is water (e.g., the above), and currently more than 25% of that is below sea level. More than 50% of it is less than 1 meter above sea level, according to our friend Wikipedia. What do the Dutch do with all this water? This series will show you, rather than telling you! Enjoy…and it’ll have a partner series at some point, Country Canals, once my bike rides start ranging further afield… 🙂 As usual, these photos will have names that tell you in direct words what it is, so you can look it up on a map finder if you wish. Amazing, that. They’ll also have tags and categories so you get a sense of the city or region, etc.

City Views.14