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That’s the actual Schönbrunn Palace at the bottom of the  hill — and we will show more of it in future posts, I promise – but since the stroll through the grounds with autumnal foliage everywhere was so lovely, that’s the focus today :-).


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Urban Garden.118

I’m certainly happy that we lingered in the gardens first before approaching the actual palace at Schönbrunn. And didn’t this particular leaf times its fall well? 🙂

Small Wonders.148

…still in the gorgeous autumnal gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn 🙂

Urban Entrances.48

From the grounds of Schloss Schönbrunn, former summer stomping grounds of imperial Austria’s monarchs.

Urban Entrances.47

Yes, the gates to Vondelpark can be closed, as I learned to my … surprise, chagrin and / or shock … the day of and the day after one of the major spring storms that knocked down trees. Unless one climbed over fences, stone walls, or gates such as these, one could not enter the park for a day or two. Gasp.

Urban Garden.117

Trying to enjoy Vondelpark and all my other urban-garden walks as much as possible while there are still leaves on the trees, especially since those leaves are changing color daily 🙂


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For those who’ve been following my posts for a while, you’ll recall that before my January hiatus, I mentioned many photos backed up from walks around this lovely city in the autumn and winter. Now that I’m nearing the end of my light-festival photos, I’ve begun showing you more of the autumnal color and (spoiler alert!) even the occasional blossom in winter :-). And, @Sam, the photo below is another is my personal series just for you of all the cool outdoor park public-gym equipment you’ll be able to explore whenever you visit me here.