Cruising the Three Gorges

The highlight of Steve’s trip — at least for me — was the week we spent traveling together in central China. This trip was built around a cruise on the Yangtze, through the Three Gorges. Like many, I had this idea that the new dam being built will completely inundate the gorges, as I believe the Glen Canyon dam more or less did to Glen Canyon…which many say was once as beautiful as the Grand Canyon, and which will be again quite soon, geolgically speaking. 🙂 In any case, as you can tell from my narrative about the Wulingyuan photos (that will appear ahead of this posting, just as soon as I get around to posting them…), in the end Wulingyuan was for me even more beautiful and enjoyable than the gorges.

But that in no way means the gorges were a disappointment. The cruise was fun and relaxing, and the Gorges are beautiful. The damn, by the time water has risen to its final level, will have deprvied the massive cliffs of roughly 125 meters or so of their original height. But as you’ll see, this still leaves mighty impressive cliffs. The water has risen about 70% of the way to its final height, and I think you’ll have to agree these are very beautiful gorges all the same. I hope you’ll enjoy the shots, and Steve, I hope you feel I’ve represented the trip fairly! I just wish I’d thought to get e-mail addresses from some of our Australian friends, or from that lovely English police woman. Oh well. Maybe they’ll read the blog. 🙂

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