Urban Garden.91

Yep, I still live in the Netherland which has greatly abundant gardens & parks, both urban and rural 🙂 … which, in case you’re wondering, is why these trees aren’t yet fully in leaf: this photo was taken more than two months ago but I’ve only caught up with it now 🙂

Urban Garden.90

How did I end up exploring so much of Penang Hill, and thus having so many lovely photos to unfold for you? My first morning in Penang, after the train up from KL the prior evening, I awoke with urge to explore, so I thought “I’ll take the funicular up, then walk back down towards the botanic gardens.” Got an e-hail car to take me to the funicular base, stood briefly in the massive line full of tour groups and making a lot of noise. Thought “this isn’t fun.” Decided to just walk as much as I wanted, and was right that it got me away from the crowds. The story of why I also ended up walking back down in much the same, and so…we all have more photos, which you personally may or may not consider a good thing, by the time you’ve seen them all :-).

Urban Canals.80

Who knew that Prague had a canal or two tucked away amongst its lovely streets? The huge post also had a wee canal image hidden amongst that large gallery of general images…like I said, a never-ending revelation for the visually-driven, is Prague 🙂

Urban Entrances.20

City Views.120

My trove of photos taken during that lovely Prague weekend 1-1/2 months ago remains overly full if I’m to also start showing  you more of the lovely sights of Penang, so I’m throwing a whole ton of the remaining general Prague-City photos at you here in one massive post of which you’ll be able to make what you want. Images with buildings, vistas or architectural details that stand out will be in larger format, and all the rest are going into a gallery whose image-sequence will shift randomly so that each time you view it, there should be a slightly different configuration. There will still be a few solo shots and urban entrances to come from Prague…but as nearly every step you take in Prague reveals another lovely thing to stop and appreciate, at a certain point one must move on, eh? Hugs.

Small Wonders.120

Last weekend, I posted a video special from Penang, where I spent a week or so for work travel, from which I returned home to A’dam yesterday. Last Saturday managed to be a full off-duty day, which got me out exploring lovely Penang Hill, which rises directly behind George Town on the island of Penang. (Yes, well beyond being the name given to a style of curry often served in US Thai restaurants, Penang seems to be also a city, an island, and a state of the nation of Malaysia.)

You’re now seeing the next post from my Penang Hill exploration, which involved countless literal stair steps to climb the roughly 800 meters / 2400 feet to the top of hill, and then back down to another portion of the hill to the north and east near a landmark called “Moon Gate.” I’ll toss in explanations as I go, but just want to flag for readers that I will be mixing up locations as I work through my themes in the weeks ahead. There are still city views, urban entrances, and other posts to come from Prague, now also many from Penang including the return of Urban Garden entries since I certaily perceived that lovely hill walk as an exploration of an urban-garden style retreat…and as always there are Small Wonders, Urban Gardens, City Views and so much more from Amsterdam and other NL cities I’ve visited. So if you’re curious what you’re seeing, switch to a viewer interface that allows you to see the Labels and the Tags that I apply to all posts; or often if you can open the image itself, you’ll see (as for all three photos in this post) an informative name for the photo file. Whether you choose to find out what you’re seeing or not, I hope you’ll enjoy all the delights I’m planning to share 🙂

Small Wonders.119

City Views.119

As noted in the last post, Rotterdam has a lot of funky cool modern architecture, often alongside some lovely old buildings that survived the war. This is an area called Museum Park – the tall tower is the most famous museum, called apparently Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, closed for renovation for a few years now. The mirrored round building is the “Depot” where ordinarily the main museum houses works not currently on display. At the top left is Het Nieuwe Institute, showcasing design and architecture. The reflections of large groups of school children out for some special evening of school-kid activities, all moving in real life and reflected below the mirrored skyline in the depot building, made the experience honestly rather magical for me 🙂

Urban Canals.79

Yes, there’s air-bubble writing in that there canal. If you can tell me what it says, you’ll win my thanks :-). Rotterdam, as every Dutch person seems to know, is a much more hip and modern city primarily because it had to rebuild itself after being very heavily destroyed during WWII, so it decided to go quite modern in its rebuilt architecture. Stay tuned for more :-).

Urban Entrances.19