City Views.58

On the other side of that bridge is, in fact, the Amstel River. Just in case you ever wondered where it is 🙂


It felt wrong to end with photos of the modern town at sunset, so I saved a few of my favorite shots from the Great Temple exploration to close this series with. Here we’re looking through the Temenos Gate, along the Colonnaded Street to the Royal Tombs beyond. The other three below were taken from inside the Temple, giving you panoramas or yet another look at the Royal Tombs looming in the distance.

Do check the map to get a sense again of all the wanderings I’ve shown you – and come back to these posts any time you need a reminder of sunnier and drier days :-).

City Views.55


City Views.54


These “Djinn Block” are the first obvious items of ancient archeological origin which you encounter after walking past the entrance gate and beginning the slow descent towards the path through the Siq and on to the vast array of sites in the heart of Petra. Like everything else on the main path and the Siq, I passed them four times (in and out the first and second days), and only took the time to photograph them as I neared the entrance at the end of the magnificent day that I’ve been documenting for you. 🙂