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Last of my Prague doors & gateways. The larger image below doesn’t really fit the terms I’ve been using for the “entrances” posts (really just a door or a gate), but I need to wrap up the Prague photos, so you’re getting a gallery including a rogue element. In fact you’ve seen the actual door (cut off, to the right) in an earlier “entrances” post, but I loved the arches over the street as well. More entrances to come from other locations, I assure you.


City Views.132

Two final views of Prague, seen from the river which so defines the city.


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City Views.129

Some lovely art deco buildings we saw on our final afternoon in Prague. I’ve had a hard-drive problem so I’m scrambling to recover a few photos that I knew weren’t yet posted. So apologies as I may end up repeating a few images or posting photos without names in the coming days or weeks as I catch up with where we are…


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Urban Entrances.27

Amazingly, we’re still working our way steadily through the entrances and gates of Prague. I’ve begun noticing lovely doors and gates in other cities, so now I just need to start photographing them when I notice them, in order to share them with you 🙂

City Views.126

The very last photo I took as Nikos and I headed from our little boat trip on the river (during which many photos in a previous post were taken) to the hotel to grab our luggage and head to the airport. We took a new walking route and finally noticed this delightful train station literally right around the corner from the hotel we’d been staying at all weekend. Yet again: anywhere you turn in that city, interesting views abound. 🙂 And no, we’re still not done with the Prague photos, more than two months later. Sorry….


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Urban Entrances.25

Urban Entrances.24

Franz Kafka once lived in this house, which is tucked away inside the Prague castle compound.

City Views.123

Both this photo and today’s Urban Entrances image were taken in the Klementinum, of which you’ve already seen the most famous interior location in an earlier post. I’ve read that the the Castle compound is Prague’s largest and most important historical zone, and the Klementinum its second largest. As always in Prague, curious and roving eyes will find something else fun or beautiful to view, just about anywhere, just about any time :-).


Urban Entrances.23

Urban Garden.93

These photos were both taken at Letna Park, site of the Metronome which featured in an earlier post. That’s why I get to call this entry Urban Garden. So many lovely parks and gardens to appreciate, in so many cities and countries :-).

Urban Entrances.22

These doors and their details are all from inside one of the palaces to which our ticket gave us entry. It’s the same on that houses the window of the defenestration. 🙂

Urban Entrances.21

Urban Canals.80

Who knew that Prague had a canal or two tucked away amongst its lovely streets? The huge post also had a wee canal image hidden amongst that large gallery of general images…like I said, a never-ending revelation for the visually-driven, is Prague 🙂


Urban Entrances.20

City Views.120

My trove of photos taken during that lovely Prague weekend 1-1/2 months ago remains overly full if I’m to also start showing  you more of the lovely sights of Penang, so I’m throwing a whole ton of the remaining general Prague-City photos at you here in one massive post of which you’ll be able to make what you want. Images with buildings, vistas or architectural details that stand out will be in larger format, and all the rest are going into a gallery whose image-sequence will shift randomly so that each time you view it, there should be a slightly different configuration. There will still be a few solo shots and urban entrances to come from Prague…but as nearly every step you take in Prague reveals another lovely thing to stop and appreciate, at a certain point one must move on, eh? Hugs.


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