This Season by the Thames

The Tate Modern has a great Louise Bourgeois exhibit (would you have spent a day in London to see it, if you’d known, Mom?) which spans the length and breadth (broader than I, who’d only seen her later sculptures at Storm King, really appreciated) of her inspiring career. This spider, commissioned (who knew? not I!) for the opening of the Tate Modern, was almost the only overlap between this and the smaller, more limited exhibit that Mom & I took in at Storm King on…another rainy sculpture park day last May!

I don’t know since when the symbols of the season outside the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square have been multi-religious, but I was delighted to note the Menorah. Can anyone enlighten me on the meaning (or lack thereof) of the multi-colored thing at the top left? Is it Chrismachanukwaanzaka, or just modern art?)

I truly do tend to get choked up when I think about WWII and what London, and Britain as a whole, had to handle once France and the rest of Europe had been invaded, and before the US had finally entered the war. It seems Norway has not forgotten its gratitude to Londoners for holding out as long as they did; every year the embassy of tiny Norway sponsors concerts at the church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields (lovely concert, this year), and the citizens of Oslo donate a tree to thank the citizens of London. How I wish gratitude, for example to France for making our revolution possible, were a more dominant note in the American citizen’s international-relations vocabulary…