Like most ocean beaches I’ve ever visited, Dakar’s also exhibited early-morning shorebirds seeking food, and early-morning strollers enjoying the waves. But Dakar also featured a remarkably vibrant surfing scene, which I greatly enjoyed watching.


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City Views.146

Dakar is the westernmost point on continental mainland Africa. (Cabo Verde, more or less due west out into the Atlantic Ocean, is I believe the westernmost African nation overall?) I’ll mostly be showing you Dakar images in the “Coasting” series because, as it happens, I really only had early mornings and evenings free to explore during my short stay there, our hotel was by the beach, and what better wayto begin or end a day than with a walk on the beach?
That said, I was able to photograph this very impressive African Resistance Monument from a distance, as seen from the offices where I was in meetings most of each day. I’m reasonably certain that I’ll get back to Dakar again, hopefully with slightly better timing to give myself a weekend day to get out & experience this more up close.


I’ve been in Dakar for meetings since late Monday, much enjoying proximity to the sound of waves and ocean views again.