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Longing For Lisbon

Castelo Sunrise w River & GardenCastelo & City from GracaIt’s hard to believe my lovely little weekend in Lisbon was already two months ago, but it was. And herewith some of my favorite shots from some of my favorite parts of that lovely town. I know I’ve already shown you a lot, but as you can tell I loved this city. I’ve just returned from the highlands, where I got some nice shots which I’ll post at some point. But I’m going into an intensely busy two weeks, so wish me luck and enjoy these for now. Thanks.Self Portrait at Castelo

Tower & Flag Castelo & Gardens SunriseBlue Door - Green Tile Crenelations Flag & Rooftop from Castelo
Castelo Center Street Art - LisbonCastelo from Graca

Red Roofs & Bridge