Paul with the Hong Kong Skyline

Paul with the Hong Kong Skyline

The second weekend in May I had the opportunity to take a long weekend
in Hong Kong. I had some business with MSF-HK, and since I’d worked a
few weekends after arriving in town, I decided to add a few days and
give myself a long weekend. I’d not been to Hong Kong but once, back
in the early 80s, and I knew it had changed quite a bit in the
interim. I thought this would be a nice chance to buy some of the
English-language books I’ve been wanting (book group: I’ve finished
Kite Runner, and will send out my thoughts to you all soon I hope; and
I began Guns, Germs and Steel last night — I’m looking forward to
reading it!), eat some food I can’t get easily here in Nanning, and
generally relax away from my work and the project here in Nanning for
a while.

The trip was all of that and more, as you will see in the comping
pictures. I hiked, spent time with a new friend and his son (thanks
for hosting me!), drank some pretty darn good coffee and had one good
Thai meal…spent WAY more than I should have in a really nice
English-language bookstore, and so on.

I also had a chance to check the way my blog looks when you can
actually access the site. Carrie and Steve, thanks for being such
regular readers and commenters. It’s always nice to read the comments,
even if it takes a while for me to have the chance to read them!

I need to get back to work now…came in early to get caught up on
these photos. But if you stay tuned, you’ll soon see photos of my trip
to Beijing, from which I just returned yesterday (Tuesday, May 24).
Thanks, as always, for your support and your e-mails and your
comments. And do check the MSF website ( – there’s a lot
going on out there in the world, and they’ve been updating it very
regularly of late with interesting information.

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