Shek O Peninsula, Hong Kong

Shek O Peninsula, Hong Kong

Though my image before my trip was that I would spend all my time
eating Indian and Thai food and drinking good coffee and doing other
things that are difficult or impossible in Nanning, in point of fact I
discovered that what I most wanted was to get out into parks and
trails where I could be completely alone and hear nothing but the
sound of birds. And who knew that 40% of Victoria Island (hope I’ve
got that right — believe that’s the formal name of the actual island
people think of as the main part of Hong Kong) is reserved as parks
and open space? (Also hope I’ve got that stat more or less right…)
But it’s true — once you get up and over the hills from the downtown
district, which faces pretty much north toward Kowloon and Lantau
island, you get into a very steep and mountainous part of the island
that’s home to four large parks. Through them winds the
52(?)-kilometer Hong Kong Trail, which ends just about where this shot
is — at the Shek O Peninsula.

The last chunk of the trail is called the “Dragon’s Back” section,
because of the number of times it goes up and down as it follows the
ridge lines in this very steep part of the island. I spent the first
of two completely wonderful days of hiking on this trail, and hiking
around the peninsula you see here. It was very hot and humid, and I
got a good solid amount of sun, but it was such a complete delight and
treasure to be able to get out to an area where all I heard were birds
and insects, and there were times when for more than ten minutes I
didn’t see a single person, or in fact even hear any sounds of humans
— this is quite rare in my life now, and I was very happy to have the
chance. And let me also say that there are so many beautiful
butterflies everwhere I went in Hong Kong!

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