Creepy Crawly

Creepy Crawly
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

I made the — perhaps — mistake of wearing just sandals for this

outing (please remember it’s always at least 30 Celsius here, and

always at least 80% humidity), even though I knew I planned to do some

walking. In this shot, you see what drew me back to the main trails.

I’d decided to explore a bit on some paths that aren’t well

maintained: overgrown with weeds and greenery, and with poor footing

where you often can’t see where your feet are. About 30 meters in, I

started wondering whether, in shorts, sandals and a tank top in a

region that I’m SURE houses plenty of venomous snakes and spiders,

this was really a good idea…considering especially there was really

no one else around in this section of the park to save me should some

green tree snake decide to take a bite. Then I saw this lovely little

critter scuttling by in front of me…and decided the beaten path

seemed pretty appealing just then.

An interesting aspect of this park is it seems to have been built with

more tourists in mind than it is currently attracting: though there

are plenty of tour groups, there are also a number of buildings and

structures that are being allowed to wither away. You’ll see examples

in the next two shots, “Buildings and Grounds.”

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