Bang Pha In Palace

Bang Pha In Palace
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

Just outside the old city of Ayuthaya lies a small island where a future King once met the love of his life. After becoming King, he renamed the island in honor of meeting his love, and began a project his heirs furthered of turning the island into a royal palace compound. It’s a lovely complex with a widely varied mix of architectural styles: here you see Thai and Neoclassical revival juxtaposed. In the next set you’ll see closeups of the “Chinese” style – many of the elements were crafted in China ad brought here for assembly. The truth is, the roof in particular is a bit more ornate and upward-reaching than any Chinese roof I’ve ever seen, though I can tell it’s trying to be Chinese. Maybe it’s what Chinese artisans of the 19th century thought a Thai King would like?

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