Hiking w/My Bro in the Hills!

My brother Steve was here for about three weeks, and just left Monday. THANKS for coming on over Steve! I’m putting these pics up right away so you can see them and remember what a great time you had. I’ve also been hearing from lots of people who’ve taken time to look at the blog lately, and I want you all to know how greatly appreciative I am: Aunt Judy who said my Bangkok photos are “gorgeous”(thanks!), Laura who wrote twice to let me know she’d been catching up, and that she loved the temple cat photo. Really, you can’t know how much it means to me that folks out there are reading these posts. Naturally I spend a bit of time to get it all together, and knowing you read it — especially when you tell me you are! — makes it a real pleasure.

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve also been listening via web to some of the news from the US. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that NJ and VA would be having gubernatorial elections, or that other places would have local issues and things. All I can really say is I’m liking what I hear. Steve’s visit pointed out to me that I have more anger and bitterness than I realized at the voters of the US, who saw fit to re-elect George Bush after he lied through his teeth in order to get us into the war in Iraq. I’m glad American voters seem to slowly be waking up from the long dream they’ve been in since 9/11, and realizing their “leaders” are leading them down a path to disaster. I just hope they remember this a year from now, and even more so three years from now, when it will really matter. Of course, I also hope there’s a good alternative available in three years also. Enough of my soapbox for now…but I remain happy I don’t have to be in the US dealing with the madness of this loserly government. 🙂

Keep your eyes on the blog — there are TONS more photos, from our cruise through the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, and our visit to the spectacularly beautiful Wulingyuan Park in Hunan. Work’s busy after Steve’s visit, so it’s taking me a while to check out all the 212 photos I took, but soon enough a bunch (not all 212, I promise) of them will be up here. Love y’all, and thanks again, Steve and everyone!

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