People of Dali

People of Dali
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

I thought I’d end the Dali set with a few shots I took of the people of Dali. When we first arrived in town, we drove past a Bai minority funeral procession, which was an interesting and unusual way to be greeted in town. This shot shows a woman cleaning one of the many canals that run through the old town. In the next shots you’ll see some vegetable vendors (note the green showing from the baskets they’re wearing on their backs), some women preparing noodles and other street food, a woman walking up the steps with a work basket on her back (you have to look hard since I never got a good closeup of one of these: they are used throughout southern China to carry everything from chickens going to market, to produce coming back from the market, to probably clothing or electronics equipment for all I know), and an older woman sitting on a stool in one of the shopping parts of town: I
loved her jacket. 🙂

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