More Modes of Transport

Since the last things I posted, in early June, included some photos in the category I think of as “modes of transport,” I thought I’d include here a few more that I’ve taken since then. In Nanning, in June, I saw the guy on the bike struggling along much more slowly than I was walking: because the bags hitched to the back of his bike contain concrete mix. Think how hot you’d get if you were bicycling along with a couple hundred pounds of concrete mix with both temperature and humidity above 90!

In the other one, the load is a lot heavier, but a horse is doing the carrying and the cart is on wheels that probably manage the load much more effectively. Those who’ve been to my office, or who remember the views from my street that I posted last October: this shot is looking west from the corner of Dongsanjie and Sanlitun, just outside our compound. You can see how far they’ve come with the construction. Steve, you almost wouldn’t recognize the area any more. Even today, biking home along my usual route for the first time in three days (heavy rains have created lots of mud lakes, so I’ve been taking a southerly route that’s paved), I noticed that they’ve taken down many more of low brick buildings that were there just a few days ago. Workers are now picking through the rubble and cleaning up bricks for re-use: they probably end up, like this, on donkey carts being carried blocks or miles away for all the new buildings going up.

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