Graffiti and Rubble in Shan haiguan Old Town

The town of Shanhaiguan was a very major garrison town during the dynastic era, and you can still see signs of that throughout the old town. The towers and other old architecture you’ve been seeing show that this was a very important town at one time.
However, like much of China, it’s undergoing a makeover now. Clearly there’s a major redevelopment effort being planned, since we saw large tracts of land with rubble from torn-down buildings. I’m giving you here only one shot of this rubble-strewn landscape.

I also saw my first real graffiti – at least that I can recall – in China. I was quite interested to see it, and I wonder what it bodes for other cities in China. One part of me is happy to see people expressing themselves (I’ve actually not bothered to translate what’s being said, sorry), but another part of me never much likes the defacement of public or private property.

I’m also including an evening view of the mountains behind the town, in which you can make out the line of the Wall snaking its way up the rise to run the ridgelines all the way out to the deserts of Central Asia.

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