The Year that Was

Year, of course, is not literal here. From arrival on the banks of the Seine in the waning hours of February 2005 for my training (all French – those were they days, when that scared the bejesus out of me, knowing my future w/MSF hung on my ability to pass 10 days of training class en Francais), to following villagers up the path from their washed-away houses to the roadside distribution point we’d set up for for NFI (non-food items) distribution. Breaking out of my rut of the moment in Nanning to hop rattletrap honk-happy local buses and explore hidden corners of Guangxi, leading me to the gorgeous Detian Waterfalls, between Vietnam and China. From hiking steep, quiet magnificent karst trails with Steve in Wulingyuan last October, to watching the kids play cards at Baoji’s Children’s Center this March, on the last day of MSF involvement, before Baoji was reborn the next day, like the phoenix, as Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids, an independent NGO. Tonight at dinner, my teacher’s boyfriend asked what I regretted about leaving that corporate life behind. My answer: “non, rien, rien, je ne regrette rien.”

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