How Deep is Your Love?

It’s a lazy day here at so much world, so little time: today’s events have included having breakfast and hoisting myself over to the monorail for a trip to the offices of the little airline that runs from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman Island, there buying my ticket for tomorrow morning. But before I ponder the posts I’ll make next, capturing some of my impressions of Malaysia and KL, we’ll bid one last (at least for now) adieu to Beijing, my once (and future?) home, with this little item I penned while awaiting takeoff Saturday morning. And a big ta (that’s Brit for thanks) to Catherine for this last pic of Paulo in front of that Beijing icon, the Worker’s Stadium all dolled up in Olympic finery.

How Deep Is Your Love?

Of Duck’s Chest Sandwich? I’ve fired up my ‘puter because I just had to note a few items before the airplane I’ve now boarded departs Beijing (bye bye) for Kuala Lumpur (cool! awesome food, one hears!). Item one: leaving Beijing means, among many other things, losing – at least for now – my chance to buy a Duck’s Chest Sandwich to accompany my half-double-decaf-half-caf at the local Starbucks, here at International Departures in the groaningly overcrowded Beijing Capital International Airport. Having been veg since before most people now alive were born, I of course know little of our feathered friends’ edible anatomy. But I wonder: Did they want to say Duck’s Breast, but someone told them that’s a durrrty word in English, so they’ve self-censored? Dare we hope that Duck’s Chest (and my second favorite, Pork Floss) sandwiches will be coming soon to a Starbucks near you?

Ah but the spur du moment to fire up that ‘puter was this: How Deep IS Your Love? This is Bee Gees Week in so much world, so little time land! And we’re not talking “Staying Alive,” or “Nights on Broadway,” or any of those other fine songs that have so sadly vanished from the American airwaves. Please recall: Monday’s highlight was 3 Venezuelans humming and singing along to “HDIYL” in a swank little Indonesian-Burmese joint frequented by embassy diplomats from the neighborhood. Today’s early-morning (it’s 9:15 as I type this) highlight? Malaysia Airlines was playing “HDIYL” a la piano Muzak when I boarded! The stars have aligned! Clearly, at last and long overdue, underappreciated 70s Americana is taking over the airwaves of Asia. Perhaps a Chinese Kung Fu director will soon do for the boys in white pants and bad hair what “Priscilla” and “Muriel” did for ABBA? ‘Nights on Broadway, the Musical’ opening on the West End, anyone? You heard it here first!

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