Friday afternoon I took advantage of the necessary dive-recovery time (before boarding an airplane, you need rest time for your system to recover and vent all your excess nitrogren) to take a long walk up the spine of the island, partway along the jungle trail that connects Tekek, the main town, with Juara, a little hamlet on the east side. It felt rather like being in the jungle or bird house at a zoo: especially as the sun got lower on the horizon toward 6:00, the monkeys came out and jumped around in the canopy; birds started singing in tones and songs that told me I wasn’t in Kansas any more, and the light under the dense jungle canopy got dimmer and dimmer except where the sun slanted in.Here you see the self-portrait I feel obliged to take every time I’m in some new and unusual place where my inner Ohio-boy can’t quite believe I really am. There are also several general shots of the trail, the jungle, and the cute little rest stop that someone lugged all the way uphill to install for us weary hikers that had toiled our way up that high mountain-hill (tallest peak on the island is about 1,100 meters) through the tropical haze.

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