Another Afternoon by the Ocean

I’ve realized, to my chagrin, that the weeks are rushing by and family and friends actually go to the blog periodically to see new things…and see only the same old posts. So I’ve assembled a few more random thoughts. Big hug out in particular to Ondrej, who reminded me it’s been a while since I posted. Sounds like your emergency rotation is going great: so glad to hear it. Hope your field posting goes well, whenever it comes. I promise to check YOUR blog any day now, 我的朋友。(For those who don’t have Chinese characters on your ‘puters: any time you see little boxes trailing across the screen, imagine that those are Chinese characters you’re not seeing. In this case, the Chinese for mi amigo.) Oh, and Mom? The post office in Ridgewood is on Ridgewood Avenue, and I need things to decorate my walls with: post cards are most welcome.
(There was some sort of kite festival going on, it seemed…)

And, as always, what are we looking at? Judith – head of mission – has left (sob!), and Roshan – deputy head of mission – is leaving very shortly (double sob!), but, to quote Elton John, “I’m still standing.” (That IS Elton, isn’t it?) So here are a few shots from a brunch and lazy oceanside afternoon at the swank Mt Lavinia hotel, to bid these two important and much-loved colleagues adieu. Thanks for the memories and support, guys.

The funny thing about my life right now is that, though I’m in a context that’s far less settled than what I experienced in China, my day to day life is rather a dull overabundance of office work that takes up at least 60 or so of my waking hours each week, balanced by periods where I lock myself into my room and read, at the moment, Tintenblut while listening to soothing muzak. If you’ve been following the blog, you may understand why I’ve developed an insatiable appetite for Bee Gees muzak. NOT! (BTW, if you’ve not heard of Claudia Funke’s wonderful fantasy series about the intersection of written word and “real world,” do check it out: It’s a book-lover’s series, and I think at least book one is now available in English, though I admit that I’m finding this installment a more gripping read than book one, Tintenherz). Yes, my current surreal existence does mean I continue to need regular doses of fantasy literature in order to retain a tenuous grasp on what we like to call reality.

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