What’s Nice in Colombo

The weekend after all the hubbub, when our home had settled back down to a fairly small complement of only four expats (a surgeon and a nurse both waiting in case we were able to restart rapidly in Point Pedro…they’re both gone now), I used the weekend to see a bit of Colombo just in case it was my last chance. I was determined to find some nice spots. And I did find a few. Sadly, I only found a few. Colombo’s not bad, but it’ll never be on my top 10 cities list. It’ll never be on anyone’s. There are abundant reasons to come to Sri Lanka, whether for the natural beauty and beach vacations or for historical and cultural tourism in the great ancient capitals of Anuradapura and Polonnaruwa and other such places, or for the dozens of other great places and the generally wonderful people – who really are wonderful, except those who are trying to kill each other. And then there’s the food. I mean, yeah – there’s TONS to like about this country. So you see, it’s all a bit confusing. In any case, do enjoy these views: they’re about as good as Colombo gets, to be honest.

Look – it’s Colmobo city hall!
Look – it’s a great big Buddha in Vihara Mahadevi Park!

Look – it’s city hall with a great big Buddha from Vihara Mahadevi Park!
(Hmmm…there’s something symbolic in the fact that they’re both facing each other. Or is there? Politics and religion mix here much the way they do in the good ol’ land of my birth.)

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