Images of Topa Wewa

Irrigation, and reservoirs, achieved apparently very impressive levels in ancient Sri Lanka. There are reservoirs, called “tanks” almost everywhere; the one estabablished by Parakramabahu I in Polonnaruwa was so large it was called a sea. Today it’s simply called Topa Wewa, which means something or other. Topa Wewa basically draws up the western border of Polonnaruwa, and two of the ancient ruins sites are close to it; one is right on its shores. It’s quite lovely to sit by it looking west toward the low hills and mountains.

From top: you know I’m a sucker for framed sunsets, or anything framed for that matter; this trip’s also taught me that most Sri Lankans still use any available water for clothes washing, bathing and just generally having fun; a view from my morning run; and the ruins of Nissanka Malla’s summer gazebo on a little island in the Wewa.

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