Rollin’ on the River

We traveled from Siem Reap down to Phnom Penh by boat: the full length of the Tonle Sap Lake from northeast corner down to the point where it narrows to a river, then more or less the full lengh of the river, though our boat docked a km or two short of the point where it runs into the Mekong. This was another time I learned how differently Steve and I experience things: later that day, from the comfy ambiance of our lovely PP guesthouse, he commented that the boat ride had been “extremely stressful” for him. For me, it was one of the highlights of my time in Cambodia! There we were on a fast boat with a great view of this massive lake and river system I’ve been seeing on maps since I was a wee bairn, heading steadily toward a city whose name conjures a myriad of images for me – and I was with my dear family members the whole time! I truly don’t understand what stressed him out – sorry, Steve.

These shots: the fairly narrow walkway on our low-riding boat, on which I stood a lot of the time to take in the view; lots of people chose to ride on the top, but by the time I decided I wasn’t too scared to climb up there (and noticed a cute guy or two up there as well), it was too crowded. Plus I’ve always liked being at the front of a moving boat. In another, if you look closely, you can see a much less touristic floating village that’s down near the narrows where Tonle Sap becomes a river.

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