World cup of cricket…and politics. Very, very Sri Lanka.

Such would not be possible here. It seems my Head of Mission, for whom I have great respect as well as affection, thinks I’m a bit weak on stamina. Though I know he appreciates my work and wishes I could stay a bit longer, he thinks the work tires me out more than it should, and I’m not capable of the 12-hour seven-day weeks that are common in many missions. I have to agree that the work does wear me out. I’m realizing, now, that one reason for that is that there are always people pulling on me – problems that only I can really resolve, issues that no one other than me will take responsibility for. We’ve reached a stage where a strong team of national staff here have started being able to take on more and more responsibility, and I hope this bodes well for my replacement. The bottom line remains that I’ve been far more in demand here in SL than I ever was in China; and coming here after 17 months there meant I didn’t arrive as rested as I might have been. I hope this means Wolfgang is wrong, and I will be able to succeed in the 24/7 on-call adrenaline rush of the real emergency missions – in fact, I think he’s wrong, but only time will tell. Here, now, in this moment I have the blessed feeling that each of the next ten days, my load will lighten.

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