Daytripping in Hamburg

Although I spent a year living in an outer suburb of Hamburg after high school, and have visited that village many times in the intervening decades (gotta get used to viewing my life in terms of intervening decades…no sense beating around the bush on that one…), I really hardly know the city and have spent little time there. This was the first time that I went into the city with the sole intention of simply exploring it, and I found it utterly delightful. (In the past, there had always been a purpose: a movie, a concert, the art museum; this time the agenda was “explore the city.” It has not only a very busy and beautiful harbor front along the Elbe River and the Alster, a series of lakes that feed (I assume) into the Elbe, but also some beautiful old town squares, a gorgeous and beautifully-landscaped city park in the heart of downtown, and, oh yeah, one of the largest gay communities in Europe. Gotta like a city with those attributes.

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