I’m pretty sure that’s Aso Rock, after which the presidential house in named in common parlance here; the tall concrete thing in the background before the mountain is probably the house of parliament. Don’t ask me why, in a city where I was allowed to run or walk freely, I did not walk closer to inspect. I have no answer other than laziness.

But said gleaning had not yet taken place in Africa, and yes, it seems Africa still is something else altogether at least when it comes to communications and the internet. Had it been only the slow connection, I’d still have gotten deeper into the upload than I did. But nooooooo. The working hypothesis du moment is that the computer in the ‘business center’ at which I had set up shop didn’t like my USB key. While it accepted the photos you see below under the headings “Frustrated in Abuja” and “Mile Three Market, Port Harcourt,” multiple attempts to transfer the photos from my laptop to the ‘business center’ desktop came to naught – despite a complete erasure and reformatting of said USB key followed by reloading of selected critical photos, all while the clock ticked away on my 40-cent per minute block of internet time.

The upside? I get some extra time to vent my spleen in this extra text that no one will ever read. (Haha! comment on that, if you dare!) The downside? Now I can only cross my fingers and hope it’s not the key itself. Hope that this text I’ve taken such pains to make at least moderately entertaining won’t itself vanish down the sinkhole of corrupted filedom. Hope that whenever I next find myself in front of a computer with something that passes for an internet connection – which, most likely, will be Wednesday when I get back to PHC and our lovely dialup wifi connection that might, just might, be the source of the frequent crashes we experience on our computers – I shall find not only those selfsame photos, but also this very text, intact for posting onto our beloved smw, slt blog site so you all can chuckle over the foibles of an expat lost in the communications wilderness that is Nigeria. Hope: a good word, a lovely notion, and purrrrrfect segue to our next heading…
Love ya, mean it.

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