The Green Hills of Manipur

smw, slt is proud to present your first views of where we’re now based. Just about all of the photos above and below were taken on the several long Sunday rambles I and my colleagues here at MSF-Manipur have taken in recent weeks. You’ll notice that we’ve once or twice experienced the monsoons first-hand; you’ll also notice that we’ve been befriended by some local youth at a waterfall and even a shepherd in the hills. Well…the shepherd tolerated it when my colleague Fiona asked if he’d pose for a photo, then had to scramble after his sheep to get them back in line. Fiona and I felt pretty guilty about that little bit of touristic enthusiasm. I’ll throw in the occasional caption, but mostly I’m gonna let the photos speak for themselves. Above, what you see is Lamka Town, aka Churachandpur Town, sitting in its little bowl of a valley as seen from the hills that we’ve been hiking most Sundays, and doing brief runs through on many a morning. It’s truly a lovely place, and so far so good with the work: keep those fingers crossed that all continues well, please. Thanks.

…that’s me in the ball cap, on the right. They all wanted the pic – it wasn’t my idea, honest! And oh by the way, immeiately behind us is about a 15-meter waterfall.

Everywhere you walk in these hills, you chance across these little villages — this one was at the back side of the ridge we climbed in taking many of the views of Lamka that you’ve been seeing above. When Fiona, Phil and I reached the ridge and looked down, she said ‘How do the kids get to school?’ Good question.

That’s Phil and Fiona making art: in honor of Phil’s and my great fondness for environmental art (he’s a longtime fan of Richard Long, I of Andy Goldsworthy), we turned one hike into an ongoing art experiment: see walking banana peels below, and flower art, further down…

…that’s Michelle. It was raining pretty darn hard but for some crazy reason we were all having a ton of fun.

…Phil & Paul take a load off en route to our usual post-hike restaurant outing.

…what there is to do on a day off in CCpur.
This is a little village on the outskirts of town that’s both on one of our favorite morning run routes, and figures in the early km’s of several of our favorite walking routes. Sorry I don’t have much more to show you yet: I’ve been working long days, but as you see, at least I get out every now and then. Cheers.

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  1. Hello Paul,Its just by fluke that I came across your blog and happy to know that you are liking your stay and work in my home State Manipur.Yes, I am a Manipuri (Meitei to be precise) and working as a journalist in the Imphal-based The Sangai Express (hope you read my paper).I have heard a lot about your organisation, MSF and its good works in the interior parts of Manipur, where even the State Government seems to have left the people to their own fate. I had even wanted to do a story on it. But some of the staff I had contacted told me that the policy of the MSF does not allow anybody to go to the media. So I had to drop the idea.Even then, I am very happy and proud of the fact that I associated myself with your organisation once when I did the translation work of the guidelines of the employees in Manipur.Wishing you happy days always in Manipur,Satyajitt Usham.

    September 29, 2009 at 10:27

  2. Hi, Paul,Love those pictures, which give me a sense of the beauty of where you're living now. I also like the landscape art, including the banana peels. Next time, do please stand a little farther away from the 15-foot waterfall. As for the shepherd, it looks like he's had a lot of experience, and I imagine he did just find with rounding up his flock!Love,Steve

    September 30, 2009 at 20:27

  3. Eldon Sumpi

    Hai, just came across ur blog while browsing the net. First of all, thats a well done presentation highlighting the wonderful cultures, environments, peoples, etc of the state Manipur. I find this interesting and glad to know ur happy stay. For the last many years being myself a health employee working under NRHM and based at Chakpikarong Health Centre as of now, the job rendered by the MSF to the local populace is well pleased and highly appreciated. The MSF has indeed provided the much needed facility what govt failed to do till this day. The clinic which is functioning at the hospital premise is well organised and the contribution to the health institutes for its development is also well acknowledged by the health staffs.
    Anyway, u did a great job coming here this far sacrificing everything for the cause of humanity which the people of Ccpur and Chandel will never forget and thanks for sharing this to the world.

    With Regards,
    Eldon Sumpi

    September 20, 2014 at 20:50

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