In Denmark’s Capital

ok, everyone – so much world, so little time has moved. consider this the change of address notice. the changes blogger had made affected my last posts from kerala so extremely that i simply decided i had to try something new, and a few friends have told me wordpress is well worth a try.

this post is both a test of some new ways of displaying photos on my blog, and a record of what i consider the least visually interesting set of photos from my post-manipur travels. once i get caught up, there will be posts with far more photos from the final months in manipur, plus some lovely shots of my time in sweden after i returned to europe. but for now, enjoy this gallery of thumbnails from copenhagen, and know that you can click on any individual photo to learn what it is, and to see it in full size. feedback is very welcome. thanks!

One response

  1. Lovely blog here! The pictures are lovely, unique and tell a story. Loved your narrative as well! All the best!

    August 6, 2010 at 22:53

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