Paul Takes to the Water…At Long Last :-/

Bootless Bay & Cloudy MainlandMy readers might be forgiven if they’ve forgotten, in the fifteen months since I first posted from POM, that we’re on an island here. I, on the other hand, probably should not forgive myself for that. There was one entry with boat-pics, from Bougainville last year…and, guess what, that was my sole outing on a boat in more than a year in PNG from March 2012 until…today. Sad but true. Blame it on whatever: my friends here have been hiking and tennis friends…the few waterborne friends I have spend their weekends fishing (I’d rather scrub floors…)…work…etc. etc. A truly pathetic show for someone who loves diving, nature, and has spent the past year living in short reach of some of the world’s great diving.  But I’m also a bit of a lemming, and don’t tend to want go out with a dive group that’s not vouched for by someone I feel like I know a bit.

Boris & Paul 2

Having finally met a few friends who enjoy regular dives with one of the local groups early this year, I returned from my LA sojourn … nine weeks ago already?! … determined to get back on, and under, the water. To spur myself in that direction, I invested in diving gear the day before I left LA. So today, off I went, dive gear still embarrassingly carrying its tags but at least complete and apparently more or less appropriate. Sorry to say I didn’t burn even more on an underwater camera … but I suspect some such thing will be in my future. Look forward to more boat-side and possibly underwater pics in the future. For now I hope you enjoy the waterside views of aptly-named pyramid peak (from whose summit I took pics of  Bootless Bay where this dive took place, which you can see if you’d like, in this post a few months ago:

I’m happy to report that, aside from a goggle mini-disaster which shortened the first dive and which my dive buddy above helped me sort out, my gear is working great and my six-year-dormant dive skills resurfaced reasonably well. Enjoy these views looking in towards the coast for a change, rather than out from it. The mix of cloud and sun led to some interesting effects on the water and the small islands in the bay. Peace, all. And happy pride, wherever applicable. :-).

Loloata - Mainland - Clouds

Loloata Island in  Bootless Bay

Mt Diamond & Clouds from Bootless

Paul & Pyramid Peak Pyramid Peak from Bootless Bay

2 responses

  1. Stephen Brockmann

    Hi Paul, great shots as usual! It looks like you’re having some fun in addition to all the work, and that’s good! Be well!

    June 16, 2013 at 00:42

  2. Bill McCuskey

    Aren’t islands, and the water around them,the best?! As I sit here on one off the coast of Maine, I can’t think of a better place to see the constant changing water and sky.

    June 16, 2013 at 06:57

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