Zurich: Many Churches & The World’s Largest Easter Bunny

Zurich Riverfront Wurenlos SkylineLake Zurich - Mtns - Huge Easter BunnyNarrow StreetsLake Zurich - Ganymede StatueZurich Skyline Building Decoration Downtown Zurich

A few random facts.  In the process of returning from PNG to my US home on the west coast, I had to go the long way around in order to debrief at our HQ’s in Berlin and Amsterdam. That’s why you saw some  Amsterdam photos recently – since I was in Berlin less than 24 hours, the camera didn’t come out there. In order to take a break from all the intensely long flights cramped into economy-class seats, I gave myself two weeks visiting friends in a few parts of Europe before returning to North America. These are the last Euro shots from this trip. They’re from Zurich & surroundings, where I was honored to stay with an Oberlin friend her family.

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves, and for those curious what stands out to my still-outsider eyes here in the US, I’ll share just two items noticed in the last 24 hours: on 3rd Street Promenade at a clothing store, the offer of a ‘survival kit’ which was two t-shirts and one pair of shorts for a special price – not quite sure where survival comes into it, but hey, knock yourselves out American consumers. Next: a very large SUV (noticed because it was large enough to squeeze me down in my bike lane on Main  Street in Venice) called “Armada.” I sense a theme here, which I admit to my eyes and senses attuned to the neediest zones of the world seems, may I say, rather contrived and consumer-driven. Oh yeah, one  more thing: my smart phone (first and only one, so far) is dying a rapid death so I went to T-Mobile where they try to finance all your phones. What’s the advantage to paying for the phone fully rather than financing it? Once you’ve paid at least half the value of your phone, you can ‘upgrade’ – this means, trade it in for a newer model. Planned obsolescence: it’s not just for cars any more! (And we all know how well that car thing has worked out for the world around us…) I really do want to take a full seven months off here, and I thought I wanted to consider working back here…but, sheesh, with such a consumer-driven culture, I really hardly want to settle in any more deeply than necessary to just see my friends and families & then get back to where things are more…well, whatever. You get what I mean, maybe. I’m not sure I do. I’m  just sure I don’t feel like this all makes perfect sense yet.

Zurich River-Bridge Pano
Lake Zurich EastertimeLake Zurich - Mtns - Boats
Paul - Lake Zurich Eastertime Shields & Windows Spring Has Spung Spring Streamside Swiss Village Life Zurich Church Zurich Church & Pink House Zurich Arts BldgWurenlos Church Zurich City Pano

2 responses

  1. Diane Rachiele

    Acute regression here – all I can think about is the enormous chocolate bunny on the helm of the boat. 😉

    May 20, 2014 at 10:19

  2. Stephen Brockmann

    This makes me want to go to Zurich! Looks like a nice place, never been!

    June 10, 2014 at 04:52

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