Urban Mango – Volume 2

Ok, so my experiment in finding photographic ways to explore how mangoes grow is perhaps a complete flop. I’m open to this possibility. I did feel my first post at least managed to show the growth of mangoes from flower to small fruit, despite the self-evident patheticness (patheticity?) of an overworked-from-home Paul finding things to focus on each day. Now I have learned that teeneaged mangoes grow the way a pot of water boils: not very much, if you’re watching them each day. Those mangoes in the photo immediately below are 24 days younger than mangoes in first photo in the rows below…but I can’t really see much difference…can you?? So I’m offering this deadly-dull series of semi-daily photos from the same angle to show you that, indeed, they’re still on the tree, still not ripe, getting rain and so hopefully growing towards ripeness. I think if there is a next Urban Mango entry, it will come once there is visible change to show you: color, size, something a bit less like watching the rain fall, the paint dry, or the pot (not) boil. 🙂 Trust me, if the time ever comes when one of these ends up in juicy orange slices against white yogurt in my breakfast bowl, you’ll see that. Then, at least for me, the patience will find some small reward. Peace, health, compassion.

4 responses

  1. Maria H-B

    Ah, well, you can give us an update on Thursday.

    May 18, 2020 at 17:57

  2. diane rachiele

    Hi there –

    As mentioned before, I like the mangoes – the important thing is whether or not you like it … it is a sign of how you’re feeling – it was good to share it – we all wish you lovely, sweet warm slices of orange mango on yogurt in your not-too-distant future …

    The banner with the all the houses (on a hilltop perhaps?) is just lovely.

    Cheers, Bello!



    May 18, 2020 at 19:00

  3. Sam Craig

    Nice to see a video though! I had no idea the growing patterns of mangoes, unfortunate they have not made much progress.

    May 18, 2020 at 19:06

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