Above: I spent five hours Friday exploring the many things that I’ve already shown you. There are still more images to go from that remarkable afternoon, but this is an exhausted me seeing a beautiful image as I walked away from what you can see below, on my way back to dinner at the hotel. (Remember I’d awoken super early in Suli that morning, flown to Amman and had the long drive down to Wadi Musa, then walked up and down for five hours!) Below is the start of my Saturday morning, looking in to the building called “The Treasury,” quite early so there weren’t very many people around yet. I was on my way to a hilltop perch from which I then waited and enjoyed peace and still as the sun slowly but steadily rose high enough shine directly on this building. 
This is the most famous and photographed single building in Petra. Discovering it for the first time, with this image as you end your mysterious and atmospheric walk through the canyon of the Siq, is quite inspiring. There are more images of this building to come in future posts. But I figured you were owed at least one early – if partial – glimpse of Petra’s most famous building. 🙂 And for fairness, below that is the image I took just before the image above: one last glimpse of the Treasury before beginning the walk back up the Siq towards town, a meal, a bed.

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  1. Extraordinary pictures of an extraordinary place, Paul! Great job!

    October 10, 2021 at 13:38

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