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 Since I really only visited cities in Myanmar, I’ve decided I can gather all the remaining photos which I have not yet posted into one big City Views post. These images are from the cities of Sittwe (in Rakhine), Lashio (in Northern Shan), Mytkina (in Kachin) and Yangon.


Small Wonders.142

Urban Canals.102

City Views.141

Herewith all the remaining photos from my visit early last month to Shwedagon Pagoda, in Yangon. There are fountains for each day of the week and many visitors use the basins to wash the statues and flowers at the fountain for the day of their birth. I’m a Thursday-born guy. One day (Wednesday, I think) has two fountains, one for morning and one for afternoon. I don’t begin to understand the complexities of this cosmology, but did find this place remarkable.


Urban Entrances.40

I thought I’d popped all the remaining “entrance” photos from my visit to Shwedagon up in a previous Urban Entrances post, but turns out I was wrong. I’m working on a massive post with the remaining interesting or unique photos from that visit, and I found this one. Enjoy, while awaiting that big-splash final post of this remarkable pagoda.

Urban Entrances.39

Photos continue to pile up, so I’ve decided to power through more of the photos I took during my visit last month to the remarkable Shwedagon Pagoda, (in) the heart of Yangon. It’s an enormous complex with the main pagoda in the center, visible from far and wide due to zoning. Naturally such a large complex will have many entrances, of which I show you herewith several that I chose to photograph :-).

Small Wonders.139


Small Wonders.138


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Urban Garden.108

Urban Garden.107

Garden = plants that relieve the mental weight of the urban, concrete jungle. Even better when accompanied by a gorgeous sunset, eh? 🙂

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I considered making this the next entry in my Longest Beach series, but I’ve decided that one’s unique to Cox, so I’ll just have to wait until I’m there again to capture another image. Someone has been really loving this photo from my 2019 farewell to that series – my site tells me what photos are being viewed a lot – so thanks to whoever the viewer is who enjoys this photo :-). I do rather hope to get back to that longest beach before too much longer, so possibly that “farewell” may have been a bit premature, in hindsight…. 🙂

Urban Entrances.37

You may have picked up from a few recent posts that Urban Entrances has now gone beyond Prague. Chatted with a friend during a walk here in Amsterdam today, and she told me she loves to photograph doors as well. I’m not alone 🙂


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