Urban Entrances.68

The internal entrance above is inside the building you’ll see in the final photo of this post from Porto, which features a remarkable array of art by Joan Miro. Below left, an outside entrance from another part of Porto (which reminded me of this entrance from Prague, the city which inspired this particular series), and one from Madeira as well.

Small Wonders.167

I’d forgotten these lovely camellias from a garden in Porto, and thought we were done with our small wonders for the current cycle…then I did one last check on the “Porto” folder and was reminded of this rainy walk with lovely blooms last month. If one looks, one can usually find beauty just about anywhere. Readers – especially you, Jean – are encouraged to correct me or confirm that indeed these are camellias :-). (It’s early in the morning here, and I’m scrambling for these posts before I bike off to work in the rain…)

Urban Garden.134

All from the gardens at the remarkable Serralves museum & foundation in Porto. I do hope to get back to the city – and this park & museum complex – in sunnier weather at some point. Well worth a visit.

City Views.159

Turns out that Sunday afternoon, around the time I took this photo above, was just about as clear as the skies were willing to get during my three days or so in Porto. It’s definitely a city I hope to visit again, hopefully with more auspicious weather to enjoy what’s clearly a lovely riverfront and city streets even more chock-full of beautifully tile-fronted buildings than I recollect even Lisbon being, from my long weekend there many years ago. Thinking there might still be some interest in seeing this lovely city even under gray and rainy conditions, I’m assembling most of city-vista photos here. Some are quite similar but I felt showed something interesting (e.g. that tram / cable cars are as popular in Porto as they are in Madeira, though I’ve a feeling I haven’t yet shown you those from Madeira), or that the orange trees and other sub-tropical-type plans indicate clearly that the climate in Porto is generally more salubrious than what I experienced. :-/

Urban Canals.119

The second week of my lovely vacation commenced with an early flight to Porto, where Iberia’s biggest river reaches the sea. I landed to a city that was both rainier and colder than Funchal (or Madeira in general), so I guess this is a good way to slowly acclimate myself back to Amsterdam, where temperatures seem to have hovered around freezing the whole time I’ve been enjoying the warmer, longer hours of daylight here in the south. This photo was taken yesterday; the prior post’s photo was taken before I left Amsterdam. Sorry if it’s confusing, but we jump around a bit here at smw, slt